Forex With Questions

What is Forex?

Forex is an acronym for “Foreign Exchange” and is regularly known as “FX”. Currency trading is a currency exchange market where the currencies of nations are bought and sold mutually and their value is set. It is the world’s biggest and most liquid market.

Forex presents many advantages for traders. However, in order to grab these possibilities, it is integral to have a good expertise of the market. When you have adequate expertise and experience, you can turn your financial savings into profit.

What are Forex Trading Hours?

Forex Market Trading Hours:

Monday (Opening): 00:00
Friday (Close): 23:59

What is Bidirectional Transaction?

In Forex trading, you can profit from not only falling or rising prices, but both falling and rising. Confused?

Let’s explain like this; By buying currency pairs — opening up positions — or selling — opening positions down — you can profit from either position.

Which products can I trade in the Forex market?

On this market, you can alternate in many merchandise, from currencies to commodities, from helpful metals to shares. Understanding the products earlier than making a transaction might be extra invaluable in phrases of increasing your profits.

What is Swap?

Swap literally means barter, exchange. In Forex markets, swap is referred to as overnight carrying cost/overnight interest. When calculating forex swap rates, the interest differences between the currencies of the two countries are taken into account. All currency pairs traded in Forex markets have swap costs. Swap-free forex account type is called “Islamic” or “swapless forex” account.

How can I open an account?

Demo Account service can be a very advantageous start for those who are interested in this subject but do not have experience. With virtual money in this account, you can gain experience in the forex market, and learn easily without risk.

How to withdraw money with Forex?

Withdrawing money with Forex is easier than you might imagine. To withdraw money, it will be enough to contact your representative and fill out a form, and you even have the opportunity to withdraw the money within the same day.

What is Swapless Forex?

In the swap-free forex account, also known as the Islamic or interest-free account, swap costs, which we know as overnight interest, are removed. First of all, it is preferred by some circles with religious sensitivities. In addition, it can be preferred by other investors according to the type of transaction. Because it also brings some advantages to investors. The most well-known of these advantages and the reason why it is preferred is that it reduces risk in long-term transactions.

What is Spread?

The difference between the buying price (ask) and the selling price (bid) of currency pairs/parities (the ratio of currencies to each other) is called spread. The difference between the bid and ask prices is measured in pips. Spreads may vary within the day depending on the liquidity in the market. These spreads, called dynamic spreads (variable spreads), may narrow during times of high liquidity and widen during times of low liquidity. Some brokerage houses also have fixed spreads.

What is Pip?

In Forex, the smallest price change movement in an instrument is called a pip. It is formed from the abbreviation of the initials of the words “Price Interest Point”. Expressed in plural pips. Pip is used in many places such as measuring the spread between the buying and selling prices, determining the transaction costs, forming price charts and indicators.

What is Leverage?

In financial terminology, the mechanism that allows to invest more with a smaller amount is called leverage or leverage. Leverage, which is common in financial transactions, means that an investment is financed with debt rather than equity in order to maximize its return.

Leverage ratio is the ratio of the cash loan provided by the Foreks intermediary institution, where the investor has a Foreks account, to the minimum collateral amount required in the investor’s account in order to open a position of a certain size. Leverage ratios in forex markets are expressed as 50:1, 100:1 or 200:1.

What is a lot?

Lot, which is a term that will be heard frequently by those who will trade in Forex markets, is used to express the size consisting of 100,000 units in meaning. Investors who want to invest in the Forex market express the transaction size with this concept and enter the transaction into the system with this name. In short, 1 lot of lot is the expression of 100,000 units on the left side of the exchange rate in a parity.

What is Base Points?

The basis point is the unit of measure used to show the change in rates that occur in interest calculations. It is a method that is widely used for small percentage calculations and is frequently preferred for better understanding of these calculations. Therefore, transactions made using base points are easier to understand. In the money market, the digits after the comma can correspond to large values, so such calculations are important.

How Can I Learn Forex?

Demo Account service can be a very advantageous start for those who are interested in this subject but do not have experience. With virtual money in this account, you can gain experience in the forex market, and learn easily without risk.

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